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The Giant Mushrooms

These fungi other than others. Extraordinary size - could be an umbrella for when it rains. It could be due to a unique type of mushroom or just lucky to grow on land that conditions conducive to grow into a giant mushroom.
The Giant Mushrooms The Giant Mushrooms The Mexicans seem to have a special secret to maintain a giant mushroom, or maybe just because the growing conditions of good land, or just luck supergede just get this fungus. The fungus was found on a coffee plantation in Chiapas, Mexico in June 2007. 2 feet in length with a weight of 44 ponds, this is more gede of a boy.

The Giant Mushrooms
Mexico bilogi expert Rene Andrade took this picture on a coffee farm in Mexico, too. This makes enthusiasts, enthusiasts from Czech Republic on an expedition to Central American states to do research.

The Giant Mushrooms

Below is a picture showing interesting Mycena chlorophanos mushrooms that grow on a tree. Mushroom fungus-like climb up the tree until the peak and found these mushrooms as luminous. The light was caused by the same biochemical reactions that occur in bacteria, fish, and fire flies. Usually found in rain forests of Australia.

The Giant Mushrooms

Unfortunately, not yet known whether the fungus is a unique giant and also in Indonesia. Authors believe there is, it's just not well documented, especially in Indonesia's tropical forests are recognized world wide and its biodiversity.
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